People have to be treated equally, or many people might suffer. -Sharon L., 5th grade


"Hideaway" film, © 1996, 2008.

Producer, Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Production Design: Valerie A. Landes

Videographer, Editor, Animator:  James Bonnell

Revision Editor: Tony Bacon

Performers: Diana Landes, Kristen Fauntleroy, Daniel Tucker, Eapen Leubner, Marra O'Toole

Crew:  Seth Brady, L. Matt Hill, Jeff K. Brunello, Chris Hyssong, Tony Bacon, Mike Groleau, Donna Green, Carl Edwards, Carl Hansen, Josh Muse

Original Score and Sound Design: Jeff K. Brunello

Closed captioning: Mike Groleau


Interviews with Judy Abrams, © 2007.

Produced and Edited by Valerie A. Landes


Learning Guide, © 2008. Valerie A. Landes.


Distribution of the "Hideaway" project is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Zisovich Award for Holocaust Education.