People have to be treated equally, or many people might suffer. -Sharon L., 5th grade


Journey with eight-year-old Judy, as she tries to make sense of a time of intolerance through artistic expression.


Based on a true story, Judy's nanny Maria saved many people during Nazi-occupied Hungary.  She hides Judy in a convent, but when forces become suspicious, Maria must hide herself away with Judy and become her protector.  Their bravery can't shield them from the outside world, but through Judy's drawings and Maria's determination, we find their hope prevails.


We connect with eight-year-old Judy as she escapes her black-and-white world.  Her colorful crayon animations illustrate exactly what's on her mind, as she asks the most basic questions: "If I didn't do anything wrong, why do I have to hide?"


This short film is suitable for young students first looking at themes of tolerance, heroism and the Holocaust.  The project was created primarily for grades 3-6, but can be appropriate for all ages. 


The "Hideaway" DVD also includes short interviews for students with Holocaust survivor Judy, today.  Includes printable Teaching Guide with activity ideas, web resources, film summary and more.  This companion website encourages unique interactions with other students and a Holocaust survivor. 


In English.  Closed captioned.  Color and black-and-white.  16 minutes.  Valerie A. Landes. (c)1996, 2008.